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OK I am not a poodle


This is the homepage of Chris & Angela Luty & their Poodles



This is a tribute page to our dogs that are no longer with us in the flesh but will always be with us in spirit

Thomas  (Sympika Brave New World) 16/01/2001  -  25/05/2014


He was the first dog we bred and showed. He was a great showman and featured on Emmerdale 4 times. He loved the attention and the show ring even if he was not always well behaved.

He won 1 challenge certificate and 4 reserve challenge certificates. His legacy goes on in Darcy & Purdy.





Rosie died very suddenly in March 2009, she was Thomas's mum and the top dog in our house. Utterly fearless, hard work but she wasn't half worth it.




Ellie lived until she was 15 years and 10 months, she was mum to Lilly and is great great grandma to Darcy.



Jazz was our 1st boy dog and he was a VERY big character.



She was our 1st Standard. She was born in 1972 and died in May 1986. Her kennel name was Peterblue Sally.